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Culture & Lifestyle

Among in-the-know travelers, Anguilla's relaxed culture and lifestyle are often considered the Caribbean's best-kept secrets.

Unlike many Caribbean islands, Anguilla's status as a sophisticated yet unspoiled destination can be traced to the island's restrictive policies on growth and tourism. When the Anguillian government officially began pursuing development, its goal was quality rather than quantity, and the unique character of Anguilla and its friendly people remained.

Void of discos, casinos, duty-free shops and cruise liners, Anguilla offers discerning globetrotters a true escape, free of worldly distractions.

The island is home to a festive variety of local events, a unique history and culture and an Anguillian lifestyle complemented by numerous benefits.


Local Events

Anguilla's attractions and annual events add to the charm and allure of home ownership on the island. Ready to feel like a true Anguillian? Spend a few seasons sharing in the local holidays and visiting the island's best-loved landmarks.


  • Wallblake House, the Island's oldest and only surviving plantation house
  • Webster Park, host of first-class cricket matches, domino tournaments and sporting events, welcomes visitors


Holiday celebrations and daily routines-including the Summer Festival emancipation celebration, and events in honor of the British Queen's Birthday-reveal the warm and authentic local culture that help make Anguilla the jewel of the British West Indies and a favorite Caribbean travel destination.

Annual Event Calendar


Community Foundation Classical Concert

The Anguilla Community Foundation invites musicians from all over the world to perform, raising funds for their charitable organization.

St. Gerard's Garden Party

Hosted on the grounds of historic Wallblake House, showcasing food from other islands, with live music and dancing.

Agricultural Open Day

A two-day display of local produce with demonstrations, by the various agricultural services and partners.


James Ronald Webster Day

Speeches and tributes to the Father of the Nation, takes place at Webster's Park.

Moonsplash Festival

Coinciding with first full moon before Easter, concerts hosted by Anguilla's very own Bankie Banx, featuring internationally-acclaimed and regional recording artists from around the world. At the Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay.


Festival Del Mar, Easter Saturday & Sunday

Celebrating all things of the sea in the beautiful fishing village of Island Harbour. Deep-sea fishing competition, swimming races, crab races and culinary competition, and live string band music are all part of the activities for this two-day event.

Easter Monday Boat Race

A–class Egbert Connor Boat Race at Sandy Ground.


National Day of Prayer

Marks the beginning of the month-long Anguilla Day celebrations commemorating the revolution of 1967. An entire day of prayer at the House of Assembly, at churches and other public places throughout the island.

10th Annual Anguilla Yacht Regatta

Yacht racing between the regional racing fraternity with a local B-class boat race, normally on the last day of regatta.

Labour Day

Competitive games between the various on-island social clubs at the Ronald Webster Park, also known as Fun Day.

Valley Street Festival

Local vendors, Farmers Association, Scouts and Guides, Anguilla National Culinary & Arts Association and the Department of Youth & Culture, in partnership with the Anguilla Tourist Board, bring this event to the area of the People's Market. With dominoes, face painting, live music, games and a cycling competition.

Anguilla Day

The most significant holiday on the Anguillan calendar of events, commemorating the revolution of 1967, and the culmination of the month-long celebrations.


Celebration of the Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen

All uniformed organizations parade at James Ronald Webster Park and cocktails are served in the evening at government house to invited guests.


John T. Memorial Cycling Race & Valley Street Festival

Annual Race held over a two-day period, with participation from regional and international cyclists.


Anguilla Summer Festival

Nine days of boat racing, pageants, competitions and street activities.

South Valley Street Fair

Members of the South Valley Community unite and produce a fair with local food, cooking competitions and music.

J'ouvert Morning, August Monday Emancipation Day

Taking to the streets in the Valley and reveling to Sandy Ground, accompanied by A & B class boat races and the Caribbean Beach Party.

August Thursday

A day for picnics and family reunions and A & B class boat races at Maundays Bay.

Grand Parade of Troupes

Troupes from villages all over the island come together on the last Friday of Summer Festival to parade through the streets of the Valley. Colourful costumes depicting cultural and fantasy themes, with the winner of Road March is announced.


Valley Street Festival as part of Tourism Week

Local vendors, Farmers Association, Scouts and Guides, Anguilla National Culinary & Arts Association and the Department of Youth & Culture, in partnership with the Anguilla Tourist Board, bring this event to the area of the People's Market. With dominoes, face painting, live music, games and a cycling competition for Primary school students.


Christmas tree lighting

Lighting of Mahogany trees on Coronation Avenue and the old Valley Well area, with serenading barbeques and string band competitions.

National Hero's and Heroines' Day

A government-sanctioned holiday to honor our past and present heroes of the Anguilla revolution.



With its enviable seclusion still intact, Anguilla is arguably the most charming island in the British West Indies.

Located on the most northerly of the British West Indies' Queen's Leeward Isles, just five miles from St. Maarten and 20 miles from St. Barths, Anguilla is close enough for easy access, yet secluded enough to make it one of the world's most exclusive island destinations.

Just sixteen miles long and three miles across at its widest point, the island is a British Overseas Territory and boasts 33 white sandy beaches and transparent turquoise waters.

Its topography of copious reefs, white coral rock and stunning coastline entices visitors from around the world. The unspoiled reefs make Anguilla a mecca for snorkeling and diving; its history as a British territory and spice island foster the exploration of numerous underwater wreck sites.

In the early 1980s the local government exercised a considerable amount of foresight and set regulations limiting development to boutique hotels and resorts. Nearly 30 years later, Anguilla continues to flourish as an inconspicuous retreat.


The Art of the Getaway

Whether you want to brave the high seas, explore the island on a leisurely stroll, or laze around with a good book, Anguilla offers what you're after.


The national sport of Anguilla, boat racing is the island's number one pastime and an intrinsic part of the island's social and economic fabric.

Each local racing boat has a storied history and a faithful following at regattas throughout the year, including such national holiday as Carnival.

For Viceroy residents and guests, the resort offers a fleet of Hobie catamarans and Sunfish sailboats, and can charter yachts, speedboats and other craft upon request.


Anguilla is home to Temenos, a gorgeous 18-hole championship golf course designed by the Shark himself, Greg Norman. Tee times are available for Viceroy guests and residents.

Scuba Diving

Unspoiled reefs make Anguilla a veritable mecca for snorkeling and diving. And the island's history as a British territory and spice trading post foster the exploration of numerous underwater wreck sites.

From wreck dives to coral formations, novice and experienced diver alike can explore such off-coast sites as Prickly Pear, the wreck of M.V. "Sarah," Sandy Island and Dog Island.


Anguilla is a bastion of snorkeling fun, perfect for those who don't want to strap on the scuba gear.

Where can't you snorkel on Anguilla? Every day brings a new favorite spot to discover the island's brilliant sea life-including the quiet waters of Meads Bay, Prickly Pear and Barnes Bay beside Viceroy.

And right on the resort grounds, the Viceroy Anguilla Sea Centre offers owners and guests complete water sports equipment and instruction.

Biking, Riding and Birding

Anguilla's mostly flat topography and quiet roads are ideal for bicycling; the Viceroy Anguilla fitness centre can equip guests with bikes, route maps, and cycling accessories, as well as guides. The island is also home to several stables offering horseback riding along beaches and trails. Or select a quiet diversion like bird watching by the salt ponds or watching a local cricket match.